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J: John Lennon (All You Need Is Love) — 5 Comments

  1. After spending the day working on the challenge, my daughter and I went down to the beach with the dogs. I love going down there because having the dogs breaks down the barriers and we chat to to all sorts down there. My little black dog is very friendly and such a tail wagger and just goes up to strangers saying hello. She’d make a great therapy dog even though she lacks finesse. She rolled in a dead shark down there.
    I wrote a letter to John Lennon for my series of letters to Dead Poets. He mentioned these words in his reply. That all my kids need is love and the rest doesn’t matter. That timely reminder is what jolted off my laptop to spend time with my daughter and make the most of our beautiful beach…especially as Winter is round the corner.
    I’m enjoying your series very much!
    xx Rowena

    • Dogs are wonderful for helping start conversations. And the beach is a great place to be able to take the children, too. I’m glad you’re finding time to make those memorable moments for both you and your children.

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