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RIP: Nick – 2016-2017 — 7 Comments

  1. I am so sorry ….I love this tribute to this beautiful fur baby. May he rest in peace and meet you someday at the rainbow bridge

  2. Thank you. It’s the terrible risk of having outside cats, and why I don’t recommend it for pets, but so far, Nick, Zelda, and Daisy don’t fall into the pet category. I was hoping Nick would decide he wanted to be a pet, but he’ll never get that chance now. Getting hit by a car is only one risk. There are so many others for an outdoor kitty. I do what I can for this clan, but the rest is up to nature.

    I’m so thankful we were able to bring Sneaky into the house — the one cat who wanted to be with us deserved the chance to be safe and indoors, and she has that. She has comforted me several times today. Even Rossie willingly placed herself at arm’s length and asked to be petted (she’ll only concede so much). I think she knew it would be a comfort for us.

    I went outside a couple of times today and sat on the steps. Each time, Zelda and Daisy chose to sit near me (not close enough for me to touch them, of course). They watched me carry Nick in from the street this morning, cradling him in my arms (in the platic bag). Both of them came within ten feet of where I was digging his grave. They watched while I laid him to rest and carefully covered him. His mission on earth is complete.

    • Thanks, Dawn. I still miss the little guy. Daisy has moved into the house. She’s been at boarding with the rest of the herd for the last month. I’m looking forward to bringing them all home tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t take them long to forgive us. Zelda was here at the house when we got home, and she responds to our voices and will come back to within about ten feet of us when we call her.

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