Books Completed in 2010: (Rating system — ***** of ***** stars — there won’t be many ***** ratings)

  1. Brink of Death, Brandilyn Collins (****)
  2. Population:  485, Michael Perry (****)
  3. Exposure, Brandilyn Collins (***)
  4. The Fury, Jason Pinter (***)
  5. Stain of Guilt, Brandilyn Collins (***1/2)
  6. Hard to Hold, Stephanie Tyler (*** 1/2)
  7. The Little Known, Janice Daugherty (**** 1/2)
  8. Marley and Me, John Grogan (*** 1/2)
  9. A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin (****)
  10. The Cougar Club, Susan McBride (***)
  11. Dead of Night, Brandilyn Collins (*** 1/2)
  12. Too Hot to Hold, Stephanie Tyler (** 1/2)
  13. The Big 5-0h!, Sandra D. Bricker (***)
  14. Extreme Measures, Vince Flynn (**** 1/2)
  15. Everyday Justice:  The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices, Julie Clawson (*** 1/2) (Kindle Edition)
  16. Breach of Trust, DiAnn Mills (****) (Kindle Edition)
  17. Ice Cold, Tess Gerritsen (**** 1/2)(ARC)
  18. The Fence My Father Built, Linda S. Clare (****) (Kindle Edition)
  19. Rooms, James L. Rubart (**** 1/2) (Kindle Edition)
  20. Exclusively Yours, Shannon Stacey (*****) (Kindle Edition)
  21. Spoken From the Heart, Laura Bush (**** 1/2) (Kindle Edition)
  22. God Don’t Like Ugly, Mary Monroe (Kindle Edition) (**** 1/2)
  23. God Still Don’t Like Ugly, Mary Monroe (Kindle Edition) (*** 1/2)
  24. They Almost Always Come Home, Cynthia Ruchti (Kindle Edition) (****)
  25. Irresistible Forces, Brenda Jackson (Kindle Edition) (**)
  26. The Weight of Shadows, Alison Strobel (Kindle Edition) (*****)
  27. Floozy And Other Stories, Stephen B. Bagley (*** 1/2)
  28. Columbine, Dave Cullen (*****)
  29. Out of Bounds, J. A. Chase (***)
  30. Felicity Stripped Bare, Vanessa Jaye (***)
  31. Colters’ Wife, Maya Banks (Kindle Edition) (** 1/2) (not even a novella)
  32. The Painted Darkness, Brian James Freeman (PDF version) (*** 1/2)
  33. Mixed Bags, Melody Carlson (Kindle Edition) (*** 1/2)
  34. Play Their Hearts Out, George Dorhmann (*****)
  35. In the Land of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor’s Journey in the Saudi Kingdom, Qanta A. Ahmed, MD (**** 1/2)
  36. Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo, Heather Wendell (**** 1/2) (nook format)
  37. Compromising Positions, Jenna Bayley-Burke (*** 1/2) Kindle format (fun to read)
  38. A Night, A Secret Child, Miranda Lee (**) Kindle Format Harlequin Presents 1-Click Buy
  39. Speed Dating, Nancy Warren (***) Kindle format
  40. Raising Jake, Charlie Carillo (*** 1/2) Kindle format
  41. Always Watching, Brandilyn Collins and Amberly Collins (*** 1/2) Kindle format
  42. Lucy Doesn’t Wear Pink, Nancy Rue (****) Kindle Format
  43. The Five Love Languages:  The Secret to Love that Lasts, Gary Chapman(****) Kindle format
  44. Undeniably Yours, Shannon Stacey (*****) Kindle format
  45. A Simple Amish Christmas, Vannetta Chapman (****) Kindle format
  46. Saint Training, Elizabeth Fixmer (****) Kindle format
  47. Crossing Oceans, Gina Holmes (*****) Kindle format
  48. My best Friends Have Hairy Legs, Cierra Rnatoul, (*** 1/2) nook format

Books I’m Reading Now (sometimes, there are months between putting down and picking up, though…):

Life Support, Tess Gerritsen (I’m really struggling with this one.  It’s really creepy.)

Waging Modern War, General Wesley K. Clark (I don’t like this guy, but I want to get a balanced view of this era of generals)

Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin

America in the Gilded Age:  Third Edition, Sean Cashman

New Spirits:  Americans in the Gilded Age, 1865-1900, Rebecca Edwards (This is an EXCELLENT book)

Lessons for the Young Economists, Robert P. Murphy (e-Pub format)

Hold on Tight, Stephanie Tyler

Black Belt Patriotism, Chuck Norris

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, Chad Orzel

The Dark Tide, Andrew Gross (Kindle Edition)

Death of A Trophy Wife, Laura Levine (Kindle Edition)  — Abandoned for now.  Not getting into it.

No Surrender, Shannon Stacey (Kindle Edition)

God Don’t Play, Mary Monroe (Kindle Edition)

The Future of Learning Institutions in A Digital Age (Kindle Edition)

The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar (Kindle Edition)

Conservative Victory:  Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda, Sean Hannity