Books completed in 2013:

  1. The Federalist Papers, James Madison, et al (***) I found it a little dry but believe it’s essential reading to understand our Founding Fathers’ intent for this nation. I own two copies of this book but found it easier to read in email installments from The Daily Lit. For those of you who can’t find enough to read, it’s a great source of free reading. You can choose an installment size and frequency that suits you best. Please check them out.
  2. Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, Dinesh D’Souza (*****) This helped me see where President Obama is likely coming from in his ideology. I can even understand there are some American’s who believe as he does and would support him in his efforts. I sincerely doubt all the Americans who voted for him would have done so if they had understood what this book (and the documentary movie) reveal.
  3. Thirteen Seconds: Confrontation at Kent State, Joe Eszterhas and Michael D. Roberts (***) Won an e-book version from Library Thing to review. I’d never understood what happened at Kent State (I was nine and a half), but it seemed to me the students were behaving inappropriately and my opinion hasn’t changed. I do have a better understanding of what happened, and this book was written in old-fashioned reporting style, meaning it was presented as neutrally as possible.
  4. The Beatles Yellow Submarine (*) An interactive (children’s?) book from iTunes. Very bad.
  5. Just One of the Guys, Kristan Higgins (****) Recommended by Shannon Stacey and reads like one of her Kowalski books, so I’ll be looking for more from this author.
  6. Book of Days, James L. Rubart (****) Intriguing possibility and interesting journey for the characters.
  7. All He Ever Dreamed, Shannon Stacey (****) Shannon Stacey’s latest. Are there any more Kowalskis? I’m not sure. I think we’ve done them all.
  8. D is for Deadbeat, Sue Grafton (****) I enjoy this series.
  9. Be Mine, Crusie, Dahl, Stacey (*** 1/2) After a slow start, this ended strongly.
  10. Warpaint, Holly Lisle (**** 1/2) I’m glad to see Holly putting out new work again after a long hiatus, and the Cadence Drake series is a great way to bring it out.
  11. Blind Eye, Stuart MacBride (****) Stuart is on my “auto-read” list. I’m a little behind. Some interesting elements got discussed in this book that had nothing to do with the main story, but were still thought-provoking.
  12. Dark Blood, Stuart MacBride (****) Not nearly as gory as some of Stuart’s other work, but still pretty creepy.
  13. If the Shoe Fits, Sandra D. Bricker (*** 1/2) I really enjoyed the story.
  14. That Dog Won’t Hunt, Brandilyn Collins (****) A departure from her Seatbelt Suspense and a venture into romance, this reads well, and touches on a challenging subject of meshing two vastly different backgrounds into a marriage.
  15. A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin (****) As people watching the HBO series discovered, this is a particularly deadly section of the book and a little surprising in places. The ending seems a little abrupt, but it needed to end somewhere. Certainly a cliffhanger, but the epilogue left me in the dark.
  16. Leaving Liberty, Virginia Carmichael (*** 1/2) great story marred by numerous attention to detail errors.
  17. Strange Arrivals, Holly Lisle (**** 1/2) a fun collection of flash fiction.
  18. Double Blind, Brandilyn Collins (*** 1/2) almost put it down, then it caught me
  19. Raspberries and Vinegar, Valerie Comer (**** 1/2) masterful capture of the process of having faith and trusting in God to provide in our lives.
  20. Cat Eye-Witness, Patricia Fry (beta read, so I won’t rate it until the version goes final)
  21. Catnapped, Patricia Fry (** 1/2) Debut novel. Lots to like. Author is learning. (Provided by author as a gift in appreciation for beta read comments on Cat Eye-Witness.)
  22. Keeping It Civil, Margaret Klaw (****) Presented a side of the legal world I had not considered.  I never imagined family law could have such an impact (but I should have).
  23. Beneath the Mask, Margaret McGaffey Fisk (*****) Bought it when I read the description, and I wasn’t disappointed.
  24. Love a Little Sideways, Shannon Stacey (****) You can’t go wrong with Shannon Stacey’s Kowalski family.
  25. Staged to Death, Karen Rose Smith (*** 1/2)