I am a writer who retired from the United States Air Force on June 1, 2008, after twenty-eight years of service. I am finally getting used to spending more time with hubby. We bought a nearly original Victorian home built in 1900 in a small town in Central Texas. Divesting ourselves of clutter and landscaping are ongoing projects my husband has left primarily to me. He is focusing on painting. The interior of the house, while not entirely ideal to us, is in excellent shape and requires very little work. We commute between Central Texas and San Antonio. This provides excellent procrastination material — either from writing or painting, depending upon what I most need to work on at the time. In reality, yard work has become all-consuming.

Between us, we have … cats. We also have two wonderful adult daughters (step-daughters to me), two delightful granddaughters, and one great-granddaughter.

I experimented with a posting schedule in 2012, and I’ve settled into a routine that mostly seems to work. If I comment about or review a product, I have not received compensation for it beyond, possibly, being given the product — usually a book. Sometimes I will recommend friends’ books. I think I’ve always noted if the person is a friend or not as well as if I was given a copy of a product I talk about. If not, it’s safe to presume I’ve purchased or, less likely, borrowed whatever I’m talking about. I am an affiliate for Holly Lisle. You can see my Affiliate Disclaimer in the main sidebar.

As for the posting schedule: I do weekly cat postings. Once a month, on Thursday, I post about the Master Key Experience, Essential Oils, progress on our various properties, and, usually, I make a Tech Stuff post. This is not anchored in stone. Sometimes I miss a post, and sometimes I make extra posts, but I’m making every effort to hit that schedule.

I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve been reading (more or less) since 2005. You can follow along for the current year with the link on the menu bar. If you want to read what I’ve been writing, find out more on the Writing link above.

One of my personal pivotal needs is for True Health, which is more than physical health, although that’s certainly necessary. Part of those needs are met via the Master Key Experience (check it out, there’s really nothing like it) and with Young Living Essential Oils. I’m relatively new to the essential oils journey, but I’ve been curious about them for years. I didn’t know where to start until recently, and that, for me, has been with the Young Living, Seed to Seal, commitment to excellence. If you want more essential oil information than I put on this site (either products or business information), please visit my essential oils site, Oil4TinMan. My other personal pivotal need is for Autonomy, which I have largely achieved through being retired.

Thank you for stopping in. Wander around, find a place to be comfortable, and, please stop back often. If you don’t want to miss a post, please sign up to receive them in your inbox. Interested in my writing? Join my RandR Fiction Club. Find the sign-up link on my Books page. Want to know more about essential oils? Sign up for that list to get my essential oils info series. No obligation. Quit or ask for more at any time. Curious about the Master Key Experience? You should be. No matter how well your life is going, you can learn to make it better through this program. Get the free 7 Day Mental Diet and mini-course while you wait for the full course to become available again. Come for the cats, find a whole lot more.