I’m exploring ways to enhance my overall feeling of well-being with Young Living Essential Oils. I was drawn to this company because of their reputation for purity throughout the production process — from Seed to Seal. I am an independent distributor of Young Living Products. If you wish to become an independent distributor for yourself (to save an average of 24% on products) or if you wish to build a business (also a great option), please follow my link here to sign up.  My Young Living Independent Member number is 3314775.

Feel free to check out the 2016 Product Catalog.

When you choose to sign up, I recommend picking the Premium Starter Kit — it has everything you need to get started learning about and using your oils as well as sharing what you like best with other people. I chose the elegant Rainstone Diffuser, but for daily use downstairs, I use the Dewdrop Diffuser.

2016 Premium Starter Kit

Sometimes supply constraints exist, and oils are substituted in the starter kits. These are the flex oils you could find instead of the basic ten listed above and what they are recommended for. This photo is a little larger than the ones included in the image above:


I have had a problem with tiny ants invading my house near the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I’m not comfortable using ant baits, because I don’t want the cats poisoning themselves. I found a recipe using peppermint and lavender. I’ve been pleased with how well it works.


Another use for peppermint that’s enticing during the winter months — add a drop to your hot cocoa.



Ever since I deployed to Kuwait at the turn of the century, I’ve experienced periodic bouts of severe flaking on my scalp. An application of tea tree oil (neat) has provided relief. I also used it to soothe my skin after recent exposure to poison ivy. I’ve heard the melrose blend is supposed to work with more effectiveness, and I’ll be trying that in the future.


Thieves oil is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and rosemary. Taken internally, it can promote a healthy immune system. My mom diffused some in her Aroma Dome, and it exacerbated her Restless Leg Syndrome (she won’t to that again, and I mention it in case that’s a concern for you).


Always start out with just a drop or two, or even dilute the oil with a carrier oil such as pure vegetable oil, pure olive oil, or pure coconut oil until you know how each oil works with or for you.

Interested in getting some for yourself? You can sign up either as a customer with me or a distributor for yourself at this link. Questions? Please contact me using the form below:

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